Summer MixTape

by CoffeeMonster

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released August 1, 2011



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CoffeeMonster Baltimore

Veteran in the basement rap scene of South Baltimore. Low budget production and equipment - he keep it gully. Lyrically tends not to stray to far from the following topics: coffee, the Ravens, partying, and cunnilingus. Enjoy!

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Track Name: Raven In The Deep
New season, new coughee
more rumpleminze i don't give a shit
i'm back bitch, i'm back bitch
and we gon wit it all heres my sales pitch
grab ya coat, and ya hat
i say fuck the Steelers right off the bat
then we head to Nashville yeah we running down hill
cuz they country folk and i heard the whole town swill
what up C-Dubbs, what up Turn Dogg
Joey Flac throwing bullets out the fog
swarm like smog and we hit ya so hard
ya like Helen keller gonna ya need a guide dog
Blind side, I'm China eyed
so lifted, Marty McFly
got Powers so Kenny like Danny McBride
and its 8 hours later and ya Jet Ski Fried
Chicken, like a Rofo Box
Tebow needs God, not John Fox
never gonna quit, Carson Palmer
yes I rep the city of Balmer
so Fuck lock outs, fuck kick offs
sunday, funday, party ya dicks off
bodymore city, Murderland my state
packin on the pounds, Cody up the line weight
we got Jurode, a blessing from God
but he ain't real so whats the big deal
Lake Trout gone and I ain't gon pout
cuz Jimmy Smith on lock down, no doubt
gettin Pickles, Snooki and Reed
like Ricky Williams smoke a ton of weed
miss Ayanbadejeo and how we get felatio
but Tyrod Taylor got that Hokie flow
no Hokie shit, pokie that
Terrapin Nation is where its at
fresh ass unis, they was fresh ass unis
Superbowls the goal, Wayne Rooney
hair plugs, we don't wear Uggs
catch a fat lip, call ya T Suggs
we in Lot H, we never go to sleep
step up ya game, and I mean ya tweets
go balls deep, call me Glen Rice
fuck Sarah Palin grab the ice
Ice the wrist, D-Mase
Fuck you ya lost ya pace
Grossman, put weight on
just hate on, parade on
Pratt Street, and President
yellin Yeah Hon like a Hamden Resident
off the cuff, off the hip
Yo Jaws, OH SHIT
Hines Wards, hedance with the stars
never thought he end up behind bars
Call my boys, Franklin and Bash
they handle Heat, like Flash
Don't act rash, Casey Anthony
Kill the Ravens, thats blasphemy
Track Name: Home (M&T)
Rest in peace Orlando Brown
Just pour some out on first down
big Zeus was only 40
Steel Reserve now thats my 40
Big Mike got shoes to fill
Not Walt Disney keep it real
Jesse Sandra was a steal
Haloti Ngata inked that deal
60 large gettin paid
watch ya stash the cops will raid
the Love Boat just ask McKinny
eatin puss and he ain't skinny
got Hurricanes and Earthquakes
Ray Rice,he shakes and bakes
Yo Rutgets ain't the U
but I killed em last year with fuck with you
Shameless self promoter
Stelers bitch might hafta choker
nah I prolly motorboat her
party time don't leave no floaters
what happens, Sauce will drink em
Flaccos favorite? It ain't thinking
Pizza Hut, Midnight Sun
get gangster like Knucky Thompson
T suggs, Ray Lewis
Superbowl cauldron witches brew us
Heavy seas and Natty Boh
not second place like Hope Solo
Tony Romo, no Homo
Rex Grossman got a gut of dough yo
Mike Vick, the boy is fragile
Monday morning reach for the advil
Tom Brady and Phil Rivers
They digiorno, we deliver
No idea its Buffoon night
get blacked out I tip alright
sip all night, strip all night
make the pussy drip all night
Red beard, ginger tint
drink that cough and rumpleminze

Hook (Bougey Rosette)
Home, Yes I am Home
This is where my Ravens play
Everybody loves Sunday
Home, Yes I am Home
When I'm on this tailgate track
Baltimore I got your back

(Hot Sauze)
Baltimore Ravens here we go
bout to fuckin' rock and roll
got a leader - Joe Flacco
takin' us to the Super Bowl (echo)
Cough and Bouge on the one twos
its Nick at Nite not Blues Clues
Fuck the Sox, love my Os
protect this house like we up in Lowes
low blows, call us Floyd
Juan Dixon, Terp on Roids
When did the Colts become the Cavs (Lebron)
I smoke Cubans like the Mavs
AFC North is our division
City of Cleveland must be missin'
The team that left in '96
Business side - suck our dicks
Hurricanes - Lewis and Reed
Sex Boat McKinnie, Hurricane Irene
Leach with a block, Rice with the rock
Suggs comin' through he can't be stopped
Q and Dickson crossin' routes
Big money Ngata knock you out
Caw caw caw, we hit harder
Purple Parade in the Inner Harbor


(Coughee and Hot Sauze)
A young buck, no Walker Hershel
rock that black, smoke that purple
haze by the pound, flacco hash
suggs got sacks on sacks on sacks
on sacks on sacks on sacks on sacks
Cody snacks and snack and snacks
Kickoff rules are fuckin wack
Every time - Touchback
Touchdown, down there
Touch down in my underwear
Bros wanna diss us, bitches wanna kiss us
Ya town back that way, Lloyd Christmas
Christmas Eve, Turkey Day
Cleveland Dump and Frisco Bay
Ed Reed loves his fish filet
Long John Silvers, Errrrryday
Everyday I'm shufflin
Ravens feathers ruffelin
when I dive I'm muffelin
Packed for Indy, duffelin
Insulin, diabetes
O-line just eatcha Wheaties
Best track I heard since
Coffee and Rumpleminze

need adderall, need cocaine
need that Crosby messed up brain
Game day Sundays gotta hunt Sundays
Cant see straight in court on Mondays
want jello shots want keg beer
Where’s sam zero (get over here)
What up Jimmy Smith (daddy of the year)
Torrey Smith got wheels (Goodyear)
Hung like santonio, kids like cromartie
Call a babysitter still gonna party
RIP Zues no weekend at bernies
wire dat will, power of attorney
Pirate purp camos make girls woozy
Call T Sizzle, make a movie
ass in my face, boobies in my mouth
suck the toes on Rex Ryan’s spouse
Fuck ass clowns, fuck red heads
Fuck Derek Mason, bellichik said
His boy brady,uggz like a lady
jump outta planes, point break SWAYZE
Sunday night football not a pitfall
before kickoff, we party our dicks off
No Dominique Foxworth IR Stint
Track Name: Hands Up
Str8 off the block wit it
Cross St to be specific
I hail from Harborview
wit that Pandemonius tailgate crew
Yo Jeremy Kahn and Scott Garceau
Norris and Davis yall my bros
Vinny and Kenny, Bob and Rob
and Glen Younas, you kill that job but
1st off, praise be to Tebow
cuz god ain't real but he my G, bro
it 105.7, call me the fan
not Ed from Arbutus its coughee the man
who running this town, commissioning shit
call me David Stern cuz I'll trade for ya bitch
CP3, he Paul so hard
Suggs ball so hard we Caw Caw so hard
Yes, that shit Ray
Lewis mothafucka ain't Turf Toe Cray
Yes, that shit Ray
Rice mithafucka Wired like Wee Bay
Boom, like he back on the block
with the glock AFC Purple back on the top
not like the Pack, not like the Pats
like Kennan and Kel, we ALL THAT
n thats with Cam Cam running the offense,
Not Norv Turner we live in the now tense
got Ray Rice but shit throw it deep
Smith got the wheels, he a touchdown freak
like Dez Bryant, but with all his brain cells
Yo Texans we ring ya cow bells
more cowbell? More cowebell?
shit we the class of the NFL, SON

Houston y'all got a problem
and I don't mean the lien epidemic
it comes in the form of 55
and he ball so hard shit academic
Purple Pandemonium Y'all Zirconium
Zirconium Zirconium
Sunday morning, Snow flurries
Cruise control call us Suri
kill TJ Yates like Norman Bates
and pat ya down like ya at the gates
Face me Ike, know I'll cross ya
better hair than Arian Foster
Nazi name, Jew hater
San Fran killer like a Oakland Raider
Josh McDaniels, you fuckin traitor
I am yo father, DARTH VADER

Run Ray run and you to Ricky
4 U I'll light that sticky icky
Vontae Leach, bulldozer
Big McKinnie, hoes he'll hose her
liquor sip and cunnilingus
make em grunt like Martina Hingis
Honeybadger, Mussberger
Step to us and we will serve ya
Track Name: Snot Boogie
Say you bitches don't understand my style
I'm back on the mic like it 8 mile
in my room, wit no crowd
surrounded by smoke like an iCloud
iPhone, I upgrade
nah child, I ain't paid
East Lex, I'm VA
a yuppy raised by the Collonade
sniff sniff, now behold
I'll go in beast mode
no g code, just dick rode
bow down, and tebow
bitch slow down, now swallow
lean back, I'll reload
got 2 shots, they free throws
legalese, the penal code
I object bitch no sweat off my back
pass me the green, know that I mean the shit in the sack
like John Wall hard to the rack
or Kevin Durant with the napsack
might be white but ball like I'm black
I handle my handles, I gamble I scramble
I'm cunning like Randall
but scandal still follow me Bobby
Petrino, drink vino,
with Lebo-witz
I keep em about me
detox, drink green tea
I smoke trees, I drink beer
I kick it like soccer I'm English Premier
Swear on the bible the holy Koran
If God is so real he's a real Uncle Tom

And so I present to you Cough Drop
take corporate rap to the tip top
of my block, thats Battery
assault this beat don't flatter me
No Way Jose get my drinks from Tom
down cherry bombs with the bitch that I nom
just call me coughee, my mom calls my Ryan
clear the cobwebs cuz this track is the bomb
and gimme the mic, I'll make ya proud
jus talk to my reefer that shit is so loud
so Purp Purp, do god's work
a Maverick, call me Dirk
Nowitzki, MVP
of eating some pussy
yes I'm back with the crude talk
so barber lets bring the back mohawk

Verse 3
Get piss drunk, like ten deep
pop pills, I can't sleep
can't think 'bout nothing for nothing
except for me fucking up this beat
so fuck work and fuck the boss i
catch a beat running like the randy moss
Im outkast, i talk trash
like Jeremy Franklin I'm Peter Bash
ya white trash, i'm working class
my girl go deep like Wieters Mash
Potatoes, wit gravy
my Banana's Republic ya old Navy
or Polo, got horse power
chin up, Bill Cowher
a hippy I fight with flower power
just pass me the bowl and a whiskey sour
Track Name: CAW CAW Me Maybe
Yo its 105.7 call me the Fan
summer is fading, and is so is your tan
but its a new season with new coffee
another reason to pop some off with me/
Good Morning Norris and Davis
Spit like the Sheriff and Deputy Davis
ask the GM, or Rob Long
How much dope does it take to LiveStrong?/
ask Haynie and Zinno
the sceptic and the cynic
What it gon' take it for us to win it?
Like Mike Phelps we put on a clinic

Hey I rock that 5-2, thats my Ray Ray
We ball so hard y'all Caw Caw me maybe
Yup, I rep Charm City, don't try to play me
buckle up Yo Chinstrap and Caw Caw me maybe

Hey, hike it to Joey, go deep to Torry
Don't trot out Billy and caw caw me maybe
Hey, I like your camo, do you rock that daily?
If ya back the Ravens Caw Caw me baby

Yo I'll eat Jerry Jones and Papa Johns
With Scott Garceua and Jeremy Conn
Jerry Coleman, and G-Unit Radio
Caw me up like Manny Machado/
Long time listener, first time caller
a vet on the mic tho call me Jim Palmer
Honeybadger drug addicted
lock down Dez Bryant so afflicted
Cal Rocks and I eat box
Chicken Fried by the docks/
Torry blazin' jus' like Jimmy
with Ray Lewis buckle ya chinny
and strap up, Isles and Rissoli
we Cal Rip y'all 'part and leave ya hole-ee


Shorties say Cough show me ya Wieters
Ed Reeds more drama than the Theatre
Hook em Horns, Justin Tucker
Suggs Ball so hard like we up at Rucker/
Achilles heel, gone with Cundiff
drink a boh and light a big spliff
I'm sauced, the Steelers are soft
they terrible Towel is terry cloth/
Joe calling plays Rice got paid
Wheres Tim Tebow, Sanchez prays
The Lombardi Trophy can't escape
ask Paul Ryan we legitimately rape/
the NFL, thats our business
God ain't real but I bless
got my chick with Siragusa boobies
so all my floozies raise ya koozies


Its hard to look right at you, Billy
but if ya back the Ravens, Caw Caw me baby

Billy get off of our team, you missed it so bad,
you missed it so bad, you missed it soo soo bad
Track Name: Forgot About Ray
Ya'll know me still the same Coughee
just smoke trees, rhyme for free
Hated on by most of y'all
with no tracks just suck on deez
ya no talent, ya ass clowns
call me corporate i'll beat ya down
like the cleveland browns yall all frowns
I'm B-more bitch, I love my town
love the game, love the birds
get gully when I tweet like an N-Word
I'm a white boy, I keep it clean
Like Ayanbadejo support the queens
No Bulls shit, no Joakim
putting up more points than Kareem
Abdul Jabbar I'm a shooting star
the Pats play dirrty like Pine Tar
_Hope Tom got an ass Rash
Anna Welker ain't got no class
Hit Ray Rice with a screen pass
he light ya up like smoking grass
or light ya up like Steven Ridley
meet Bernard Karmell Pollard
going hard like F Yeah Diddy
to turbuelence, word (word)
Hey diddle diddle, Rice up the middle
Superbowl time, this ain't a riddle
cooking up tracks right off the griddle
Y'all a bunch pricks just ask Sizzle
we go to deep, Joe to Torrey
take it to the house, refinance
like John Wall to Brtadley Beal
for Slams that make them dance (Dance)

Hook x2
Nowadays everybody wanna talk when the man start to pray
But nothin comes out when they move their lips
Just a buncha gibberish
ya muthafuckas act like ya forgot about Ray

Praise God the Lord is amazin'
Yours in Kai we hell Raisin
Psalm 91 go get ya gun
We got the Lord's fav'rite son
ain't blasphemy thats RG3
shit boy hows ya knee?
Haloti hit like Steez for 3
bitch know I drink COFFEE
cold and black, rewind it back
like Ursher, make that booty go thwack
say Jimmy, rewind it back
Know lil John make that booty go thwack
Har-bowl, Cain and Able
NFL films, RIP Steve Sabol
Deer Antlers read the label?
man I watch too much cable
and the radio, my brain's charred
read Mike Preston's report card
got Joey diggin' on retards?
Fuck it, I'm Purple Die Hard
the third one with a vengeance
Where's Tim Tebow need my pennance
God Ain't real no repentance
Next years O's will win the pennant
AJ and Wieters smash
Joey bout to make that cash
drop Kobe dimes likes Steve Nash
or Tickle skills with corn mash
Moonshine boys not Jim Tom
a jungle brawl like Vietnam
Sunday's storm and now its calm
hit Dan Dierdorf with a bomb!

Hook x2

So what do you say to somebody you hate (what)
Or anybody tryna bring trouble your way
lets resolve things in a bloodier way
Bitch study a tape of RAY RAY(Lewis)
Not that post game rub down
with Steve Biscotti poppin' wood
I'm talking old school
Eddie George hits am I understood
Stand up Ravens nation
and fuck the radio station
this ain't no family paradoy track
man that shit caused aggravation
no bring on Brady no fun nights
pass the green who got the light
going blind side for Ray last ride
just pass that box of chicken fried
from RoFo or North Ave
shit slams like Bron as a Cav
we faded like a 7 foot Mav
but ain't soft like a Carmelo Jab
West Baltimore, Wheelie Up
no hands on the bars both on the cup
liquor sippin, 4 wheel whippin
we take it to the top like Adolf Rupp
9ers ain't won shit since Montana
Knife a bitch like we in Atlanta
We gonna win the Louisana
take it to the bank like Susquehanna
Praise the Lord like a Gospel choir
we the champs when Ray retires
Jesus Saves but that's implied
We go out on Top on Ray's Last Ride
Track Name: Tinder (Weird Gabe Mix) Feat. Wigan Don & Babble
It's going down, we met on Tinder
Its a match, we better smash
Let's make a night, you won't remember
I'll be the one, you won't forget

wooooo oooooh

Start online I take it offline
Body look tight I swipe to the right
White, black, asian, ginger
I don't care its a match, tinder
Face down, ass up, tinder
drink this, turn up, tinder
Bitch you know the drill
She say she won't, but I bet she will, tinder
Swipe that finger round and round
matching bitches all over town
One more shot, another round
End of the night, shes going down
Swipe that finger round and round
matching bitches all over town
One more shot, another round
No need to fight it shes going down


It's going down (It's going down)
We met on Tinder
Its a match (its a match)
We better smash (we better smash)
Let's make a night
You won't remember
I'll be the one
You won't forget (You won't forget)


[Wigan Don]
Look up at the screen, instamatch it’s a flame
I’m Not Pit Bull, but turn-up the same (Dale)
Giving hoes hell, swiping game (to the right)
Best they say, in a 10 mile range
Bar hopping in the Fed Ral, so we (so we!)
matching, and it’s on now, woadies (Woadies!)
My thumbs bout to pound, why
Cause filters about to go down
Swipe that finger round and round
matching bitches all over town
One more shot, another round
End of the night, shes going down
Swipe that finger round and round
matching bitches all over town
One more shot, another round
No need to fight it shes going down


It's going down (It's going down)
we met on tinder
Its a match
we better smash (we better smash)
Let's make a night (Let's make a night)
You won't remember
I'll be the one (I'll be the one)
You won't forget (You won't forget)
Track Name: MAGIC (Feel it Happen)
Something Magic Happens, Every time you go
You make the magic happen, the magic of orioles baseball
When the game is close, and the O’s are hot
There’s a thundering roar from 34 to give it all they’ve got
And you never know who’s gonna hear the call (WHY?)
Every game there’s a different star
That Orioles Magic Magic Magic
Magic Magic Magic
Magic Magic Magic
Magic Magic Magic
Magic Magic Magic

Verse 1
It was back in ’92, and I was just a little league star
I marched with Donald Schaefer, cut that ribbon, open that Yard
Remember '89 (Yes), the season of Why Not? (What?)
Well I remember this year for AJ and the pie shots
He went Steve Aoki on 'em, stretch the lead like yogis on 'em
AL east champs like Ali went oke dokey on 'em
Markakis, lets state this, We crush em all like Davis (Davis)
We winning (winning), y'all losing, goin deep we Nelson Cruzin' (Cruz)
down Eutaw we boozin what, meet ya up at Boogs then
Buckle Up, We won't stop, no losing we refusing
to stop poppin bottles (pop), the Yard will black out
Am I worried bout the Angels (Nah) they smell like trout (Get it?)


Verse 2
What up Michael Phelps (Phelps), I never drink and drive
but shooting craps is easy ya know I'm slinging die
Bet it all on the birds, Nattitude is for the nerds
Drinking buds with my buds watching Bud till I'm slurred (Slurred)
10 bucks a pop, thank you Mr. Angelos
I might blow all my cash but I'll give the O's a toast (Toast)
Tilly, and Chen, and all the boys on the mound
I take my whiskey Eddie Murray ordered triple crown (Crown)
and now I'm in a pickle (pickle), I think I'm up at Pickles
there's drunk Gary Thorne, out his mind like Roger Dorn
throwing bats like Machado, know we got Bravado
cuz my squad got balls like Pedro Cerrano (Cerrano)