Bullets Forever MixTape

by CoffeeMonster

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released January 1, 2010



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CoffeeMonster Baltimore

Veteran in the basement rap scene of South Baltimore. Low budget production and equipment - he keep it gully. Lyrically tends not to stray to far from the following topics: coffee, the Ravens, partying, and cunnilingus. Enjoy!

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Track Name: Blow It Up (Wizards Anthem)
Got a question for mah man Flip Saunders
Why ya boys yellah like a baby with jaundice?
Heartache after heartache Night after night
When you a Wiz fan That’s your plight
Got no fight in the tank
A Bunch of knuckleheads
Gils packin’ heat
Someone call the feds
Wheres the gentleman?
Paddin’ his stats?
Fighting Brenda for boards man’s tryna make stacks
Of cheddar on that free agent market
Ready for the new year, ready to Dick Clark it
The ball drop in DC, just not in the basket
Who stole Caron’s game I gotta unmask ‘em
Poundin’ the rock, Gil holds it hostage
Close it out like Boykins DCs Brad Lidge
Big 3 2nd rate set up men
At least now we got HD on CSN

Blow it up
Should we blow it up
Blow it up
Should we blow it up
Yo Bullets Forever I gotta holla
Trade ‘em all to Cleveland for 50 cents on a dolla

Verse 2
Yo 7 day Dray the season is 82
Games long those braces overdue
NY, ya rock a tight fade
But why every J gotta be a fade away
Get on the glass with Wookie and Taser
Miller looks like Jesus but he ain’t the savior
Ernie and Flip, figure it out fast
Before the trade deadlines passed
Bill Simmons wants the GM job in the LA
How bout Prada or Truth In Chocolate Citay?
Here’s my Phil-osophy 45
Stop shooting Jumpers, remember how to drive
Take it back to the days of NBA Live
When the swagger rode high and we talked hella jive


Verse 3
RIP Abe don’t turn in your grav
Visiting teams let us pave the way
We can blow tight games or you can blow us out
We got vets in the locker room who hold all the clout
Drought, like Agent Zero at the foul line
Hey Antawn ever dropped a dime
Selfish play seems to earn big minutes
Neck tats and ducktales are just ridiculous
D-Steve, why aren’t ya inactive?
Your jump shot is so unattractive
Like the King through the lane - Crab Dribble
We need role players like Joel Pryzbilla
Chillin in the palace with Eddie Tapscott
Just waitin for Hibachi to take quality shots
Don’t give up on the boy like Rook
Just time to turn another page in the book
Track Name: Wall 'n Out
J- Wall, do the J-Wall
J- Wall, do the J-Wall
J- Wall, do the J-Wall
Pump that bicep, in and out ya’ll
Welcome down to DC
Call it Chocolate City
If there one thing, we can agree
You the top dogg like this emcee

Yo Welcome to town John you the #1 pick
If Ernie goes with Turner, he might as well quit
You a down souf kid, like biscuit and grits
He as good as gets at giving point guards fits
Ha, he just a wild cat yall
But got that quick cross-over that you can’t combat yall (no way)
And hey maybe his Js a little flat yall
But with him we no longer Nba doormats yall
Welcome to the Wall of Chinatown
Seacacus, NJ is where it all went down
Young Irene turn a frown upside down
Now the Wiz be world renown (chyeah right)
Not to misrepresent at least now they fuckin’ relevant
A playoff spot they we got the scent
Chocolate city what we represent (that’s what’s up)


Truth wrote dat Wall the perfect match for Gil
Got so excited ask my girl “you on the pill?”
Grab some bubbly, it’s time to celebrate
Cuz now for west coast games I be stayin’ up late
Man Ted youza lucky charm
Draft so hot I pull the fiyah alarm
Now ya got cyber space buzzin free agent market
And we already know that Blatche is the hot shit
Yeah Andray Blatche is the hot shit
This a Dipset remix and a post J-Wall fix
A post J-Wall fix
Get ya post J-Wall fix